Help is Just Around the Corner

When you call the WellConnect line (1-866-640-4777), you will be connected with a WorkLife Specialist, who gathers information relevant to your specific needs.

Once the initial evaluation is complete, the WorkLife Specialist begins the process of contacting and connecting with community resources to check for vacancies, availability, pricing, etc.

You will be sent an email within 2 – 3 business days with all of the information about resources that are available in your community and that fit your unique needs. You will be connected only with resources that have vacancies and availability, and you will get recommendations from the WorkLife Specialist as to which resources are best suited to accommodate your needs.

The WellConnect Program maintains an extensive database of resources related to:

The WellConnect program is committed to making these resources available to WGU students so that you can appropriately balance your student/life demands and strive towards your end goal of graduation.